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After living a half century feeling trapped in an ill-fitted suit — this jagged piece of stone skin — I now give myself permission to chisel away this chrysalis that doesn’t fit Me. The choice to free my inner gender from cocoon is the best one I have ever made as an artist and as a human being.
RawfeyLArtist & Style Aficionado
Creative expression is as human as it gets. Perceived reality is our medium. The very best art excites the viewer to think beyond the work itself — beyond the materials — to our shared human condition.
RawfeyLArtist & Social Activist
All visual expression is the artist’s physical manifestation of thought, immaterial of materials used. The most important medium is the artist’s intention. And like any medium I’ve used to create art, my very life becomes testimony to this passion; I am the creator of my own reality.
New Times Cover, March 17, 2016
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Transitional Raw:

RawfeyL.com is now the home of all things Raw. The portfolio is continually being updated to include my entire Catalogue raisonné, so keep watching for new (and old) works to be added to the Raw Art gallery. The old website and name have been forever relegated to the dustbin of history. Click the cover image or button link to read more about my transition in the New Times SLO March 17, 2016 feature: Metamorphosis: A transgendered artist tells his story, By Glen Starkey.

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The Artist RawfeyL

I am an artist. I make art, in any medium and many mediums at any one time. Sometimes the work is mostly flat and sometimes it is definitely sculptural, and sometimes it is just bits of information -nothing real and everything about reality.

As an artist, I have always worked in primarily recycled/reused materials combined with fine art materials, so the categories are blurred. I do have mostly flat works that hang from the wall, considered paintings. And I have dimensional works that also hang from the wall, but are definitely considered sculpture. And of course Ive made large self standing sculptures and tiny table top pieces; all definitely sculpture.

And I am the same artist whether I am holding a paintbrush, or a chisel, or a camera, or a computer mouse and keyboard.

I paint on my sculptures and I combine sculptural elements in paintings with all types of paint and markers, and one piece of some type of break-pad auto-shop-discard that makes a delightful conte-crayon red and is savage permanent on any surface.

As always I am digging in my dumpster, regularly.

Sculpture in most traditional mediums and materials, both High-Dollar & lo-dumpster, usually combined with found and recycled materials.

Painting and Drawing in most traditional mediums; Oil, Acrylic, Aerosol, Marker, and random found materials that leave marks.

Original Photography and Digital Original creations are both an independent art form and used in preparation for all other medium output.

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